recLINK is a community engagement and service coordination Initiative led by the Ottawa Community Housing (OCH) Foundation. recLINK targets vulnerable, disengaged children and youth living in OCH Neighbourhoods who are not reached by traditional service delivery models and connects them to the arts, sports and camp programs they are passionate about.

recLINK is delivered by a small team who act as the central point of contact for families and partner organizations. recLINK staff help families navigate the recreation registration and subsidy systems, overcome barriers to participation, and link children and youth to programs that meet their needs and interests. At its core, recLINK staff help set up families for success.

recLINK was founded on evidence that a subsidized proactive approach to recreation is more effective than self-financed, self-directed recreation services. The recLINK model aims to affect change on three levels; individual, community, and system through various interventions. The following long-term outcomes have been identified for the recLINK Program.


  • System-wide interventions to addressing barriers to recreation participation identified and implemented.
  • Improved development, delivery and funding of recreation programs in priority neighborhoods.


  • Broadened and strengthened community partnerships to enhance access to recreation opportunities in priority neighbourhoods.
  • Best practices for outreach and engagement shared throughout network(s).
  • Broadened recLINK program.


  • Increase physical literacy of participants to become more active for life.
  • recLINK families can independently navigate recreation systems and connect their families to opportunities to become more active for life.
  • Improved physical and mental health outcomes for OCH families.