recLINK offers proactive outreach and access to subsidized recreation for vulnerable children and youth living in Ottawa Community Housing using service coordination and system navigation. recLINK aims to help children and youth participate in recreation by working to effect change on three levels: system, community, and individual.


Community partners work collaboratively with recLINK to simplify their registration and subsidy application systems, leverage and share resources, provide free program spaces, and reduce costs to make recreation more accessible.


recLINK works with the community to identify gaps in service and brings partners together to close them.  It provides support at the community level for organizations that do not necessarily specialize in serving at-risk or difficult to engage children and youth. This could include, for example, providing training on how to effectively motivate and maintain consistent participation from children, youth, and families that face particular social barriers.


recLINK’s Family Coordinators work with families in low-income communities to connect them to the services they need. They  identify obstacles such as financial need, language barriers, parental capacity, transportation, and social isolation to develop a recreational plan for the family. recLINK utilizes an active outreach to connect with hard-to-reach children and youth. It then actively engages with families anticipate and mitigate potential barriers that may disrupt the consistent participation of child youth in social recreation programs. Family Coordinators help with the cost of programs, purchasing necessary equipment, arranging transportation, coordinating schedules, support in filling out registration forms, subsidies, and more.